In the construction industry your “clarity is your power”. The sooner you learn to be crystal clear the more powerful you will become. Your clarity is going to begin with your plans.

Build Own Home Part 12

The people in this industry, especially we builders, are notorious for taking a set of drawings and, with a bottle of “white out,” whiting out a wall. Then with a red pen, we’ll redraw the wall in a new location. If this is done to your plans they are not crystal clear. It will cause confusion and open the door for everyone to point their finger at you and blame you for their screw-ups. We can hear the framing carpenter saying, “Well, when you moved this wall over here I had to turn the floor beam this way. That’s why the floor’s sagging. It’s your fault, not mine.” For that reason, we highly recommend that any time you make any changes to your drawings that you at least retain a local draftsman to redraw the changes to scale. The draftsman can keep you out of a world of trouble. A good draftsman with structural knowledge may be able to say, “Wait, you can’t just move this wall over here because it’s holding this beam for the floor”. But remember not all draftsmen have structural knowledge. They’ll move the wall on the drawings because you told them to.

Now your plans are clear and you can hand your drawings to everyone and say, “Build it to these exact specifications.” See how clear that is?

For less than a british pounds go to the store and purchase some graph paper. Draw every room in your home to scale on this graph paper. Measure all your furniture or proposed furniture and draw it to scale in every room. I can’t tell you the number of times I’ve seen individuals build the home of their dreams, they get in the master bedroom and there’s a window on the right side of the wall and window on the left side of the wall and there’s no room between the two windows for a wall unit they love and cherish. Or they get everything in the dining room and now realize the dining room should have been one foot longer.

We hate to say it, but we don’t care how great your architect or draftsman may be, the plans will never show everything! If the plans showed everything you would not even need a builder. You’d just tell everybody to build it like the plans. That’s why you’ve got to have a builder to orchestrate the subs to build the home as close to the drawings as humanly possible. We tell people, the builder is like a movie director. We have a great script we call a plan. We have great actors called subs. It’s the director’s job to put them together and create a work of art.



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