Build Own Home Part 14

1. Prefab homes

If a builder ships all the boards to a job site and the home is built board-by-board, it is normally called a “stick built home.” If parts of the home are constructed in a factory, shipped to the job site on a tractor-trailer, and put it together like a big puzzle at the job site, it is normally called a “prefab home.”

For a lot of people, if you say prefab they think “lesser quality,” but as a general rule, a prefab home is one of the finest homes you can build and construct, for several reasons. One of the main reasons is that the quality of material found in most prefab homes is far superior to the quality of material found in most stick built homes. In most cases, however, you can normally stick build a home significantly cheaper than you can build a prefab home.

2. Log, post-and-beam, and steel homes

If you are going to build a log home, we cannot imagine you harvesting logs and starting from scratch. You would normally purchase a log package.

If you want a post-and-beam design, some of the finest post-and-beam homes we’ve seen have been with a package.

If you were going to build a home out of steel, like a commercial building, then you would probably deal with a package. We believe steel is where the building industry will go in the future – “I love it.”

Make your major decisions, get the master bedroom the way you want it and the master bath with that garden tub. Get the kitchen laid out just right and the den with that fireplace. Get the home built, sit down in your easy chair and start enjoying that home! While you’re enjoying that home, design your next one. While you dilly-dally around trying to get everything just perfect, you’re being priced right out of the housing market.

We hate to tell you, but you cannot build a perfect home and you cannot get everything you want in one home. That’s like trying to have a Rolls Royce and a Ferrari in the same automobile. You just can’t do it. If you try to do it, it normally looks very tacky. So make your major decisions and get it built NOW! Do not wait! Do it now!



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