Build Own Home is similar to preparing a wonderful entree with a dessert, which is why I call the process a recipe. The entree is the home and the dessert is the finishing of the lot, which includes the landscaping.

Build Own Home

Not being a “born” cook, we know the value of a good recipe. So many recipes assume the reader knows and/or understands the basics of cooking. To this day, I still cannot grasp the concept of “al dente” to determine if my pasta is done. But I can follow a good recipe and use a timer to cook spaghetti al dente.

When we start Build Own Home, we could not find a complete recipe for building a home. We would watch other builders (cooks) and learn how to prepare this or how to prepare that part of a home (meal), but nothing showed me the complete process.

When searching, you will find many recipes on “how to build a home” but only a few are “winning” recipes. The winning recipes will work whether you are serving 2 or 20. You can purchase finer ingredients suggested in the recipes you will find, but I would not purchase cheaper ones.

For those of you who have 30 cookbooks on “how to build a home,” we know the frustration you feel. All of the recipes look easy but none are complete enough to get you started with the meal. And for those of you who want to first learn everything there is to know about each ingredient, for example, how olive oil is made, what makes one olive better than another olive, what process produces the best olive oil, how the olives are sent to market and sold, etc., “go for it.” But we must tell you, you will never live long enough to learn everything there is to know about every ingredient, and you will, therefore, never cook the first meal (or build the first home) if you get caught in this trap. You don’t need to know everything about each ingredient to build a quality home, simply follow the winning recipes and “everything will be just fine.”

Be patient and don’t try to rush this meal. There are times when you will need to prepare something and set it aside, and there are times you’ll need to bake it for hours and then let it sit and cool. I can’t promise how it will turn out if you alter the ingredients or make any substitutions. But I will promise that if you follow a “winning” recipe you will be in a class with Betty Crocker.

Good Luck with Build Own Home and “Bon Appetite”



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