How to Like and Trust Your Builder part 2

Tips for Guaranteeing a Smooth Association

Relationships can break down. Building or remodeling a home can be an emotional and unsettling time. With proper preparations, however, you can avoid this. Implement these strategies for the best result.

  1. Make Him/Her Your Coach: This is my personal bias. I believe that the best relationships hinge on a proper balance of power, and making your builder “an equal” is the best foundation you can have
  2. Get it in Writing: Verbal agreements, especially in a long relationship like building and remodeling, can be forgotten. Get it down on paper.
    Arrange Set Communications: Set daily and weekly communication schedules to keep all parties up to date and informed
  3. Address Concerns Early: Be sure to bring up concerns and confusions immediately to keep them from becoming issues that are tough to resolve
  4. Trust Your Coach: You’ve picked your builder/coach well. You’ve created the best relationship and contractual agreements. Now, trust the system and trust your coach

Trust is a Two Way Street

Remember that if you expect your builder/coach to be consistent, you must be consistent as well. If you and your coach have planned and prepared well, the next step is to stick with the program and avoid changes.

Consistency and communications make for a better home building experience



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