When you want to build the home of your dreams, you will want to ensure you find a company who will be right for you. You want someone who has experience, but is affordable, and who can complete your project on time. In order to find the perfect custom home builder, follow these ten tips to finding the right one for you.

Ten Tips to Finding a Custom Home Builder

  1. First, talk to people you trust about home builders they have worked with. Your friends and family are individuals that you can trust to tell you about a construction company that they are happy with. They will also be able to tell you about companies that they had a bad experience with
  2. Research is key to finding a good match for you and your project. There are going to be many different home builders who are going to be competing for your business, and you want to find the right one. Look at the website of each company. If it is professionally done, then you know you are getting someone who can demonstrate professionalism while working on your home
  3. In your research, you want to see if the company has past customer experiences up on their website. In addition though, you want to talk to past customers in order to find out if the home builder is going to be someone you want to work with. Do a search on blogs and the like for the home builder to see if anyone has put up information about their work that can give you a clearer picture of their work ethic
  4. If there is a model home you can see if they have it on display, make sure you take a look at it. Take a tour and ask questions about the home and the various aspects of it. Ask about premiums you may have to pay, fees you may be responsible for, and what the home builder needs on your end to get building
  5. Look at the credentials of the builder and determine if they are a member of any home builder groups or organizations. You should also check their licensing to make sure that they are completely legal and professional
  6. Ask the owner if they have any jobs on the go right now. If they do, go to the work site and check it out, then talk to the homeowners and ask them about their experience with the builder
  7. Find out what insurance they have. Again, you want to ensure that you are completely covered if something happens on the job, and home builder insurance will keep you from being liable
  8. Find out from the prospective builder how long it will take them to finish the work. You should also get a work schedule so you can see when various parts of the project will be done
  9. Find out about the costs of the home building. You want to know about fees and any extra costs that are associated with the home building. If there are any parts of the building that require more money, make sure you state you want to be notified
  10. Once you have a list of prospective companies, ask to see the contract to see what you are required to do from your end and what the home builder is promising to do



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