Congratulations you have been appointed for this position, welcome to the team. This particular type of sentence is the ultimate response every candidate wants to hear after an interview. From increasing competition to a unstable economy the pressure to land a job is magnificent. But one day your hard-work finally pays off and you receive an appointment letter. A moment of joy surrounds you and you can feel your mind releasing all the pressure instantly but before you get comfortable a word of caution, your journey towards building a successful career has just begun, this is the official first step. The importance of standing firm on the first step of your career is immense because your objective is to move forward, not to fall behind. Your first job is the first step of building your career and being positive, confident and prepared from the very first day will help you move forward.

The First Step of Building Your Career

Being prepared is the most important element on the first day of your job because your employers will test their judgment on hiring you by the way you represent yourself. The most common assumption by every new employee is that their duties begin from the moment the employer assigns them. Unfortunately this assumption is considered unprofessional in the business world, certainly you might have learned the job description by heart but there are some duties that the employer assumes you to perform on your own from day one. Numerous scenarios and questions may be forming in your mind such as:

– What if I make a mistake?
– What if I don’t have an answer to a question? – it will be a great embarrassment and create a bad impression.

The global phenomenon is that: no one is perfect, everyone has flaws which can’t be eliminated from their life but can be improved on with sincere commitment and practice. Definitely the first day on a job can be very stressful because you can easily compare yourself to a high school or college freshman, unaware of the surroundings with new people observing you. Yes, it is true the moment you step into the office your actions will be curiously observed by your employer and co-workers. Don’t hesitate, be confident and focused, continuously remind yourself that you successfully cleared the selection process, you can overcome your fears and survive throughout the day in a positive manner too. With such a consideration in mind a question may have arisen: How should I put my best foot forward on the first day?

From my perspective here are few key points you should always remember and consider practicing:

1) Manage Your Time – it’s necessary to manage your time and drop any plans on the first day. It’s also important to test drive your new location because this will help you plan a shorter route, just in case you are late. Make it a goal to arrive early to work because this can help in buying some time to search around the area for small things that might take your time such as a coffee shop location or finding a parking spot. As well leaving late after office hours is also advisable as you can attain a better understanding of the office culture.

2) Dress Professionally– as previously mentioned in the last article dressing appropriately according to the working environment is essential. Dressing professionally portrays your seriousness and respect towards the image of the company. If you have given an on-site interview previously choosing what to wear can be an easy task since you must have paid attention to people around you and the attire.

3) Ask for Help – this might seem to be an awkward task because you might be focusing on creating a strong independent image. It is acceptable to ask for help because everyone has a first day on the job and it’s assumed that you will require help. As I said before no body is perfect, it’s OK to inquire about any doubts as attaining a better understanding of the assigned tasks can prevent from making mistakes or leaving tasks incomplete. And if you make a mistake, accept it and develop plans to fix the problem because taking responsibilities of your mistakes proves that you are honest and hardworking towards the company.

4) Take Notes – taking notes is very essential for the first few days in a new working environment because this will help you become more productive and it will prevent you from missing important key points or tasks assigned to you. Carry a notepad or any gadget that might help you write down notes quickly.

5) Be Ambitious – be ambitious towards your duties. After you have completed the assigned work don’t wait for your boss to call you for additional assignments, take the initiative and volunteer. In the corporate world it’s observed that those employees who take the initiative to take additional assignments and help others are highly appreciated. So get up and help, your efforts will be noticed.

6) Listen – practice on becoming a good listener. Carefully listen to the small first hand advice your employer offers you because such advice will help in boosting your career and improve your working skills.

7) Socialize – socializing with your co-workers increases your confidence level and gives you a chance to better understand them. Use that free hour to get to know people, don’t be shy, join a group that gets together after working hours. Introduce yourself to every individual you meet, shake hands and smile, exchange a dialogue with your co-workers and let them know that you are available if they require any assistance. Don’t use your free time to discuss about personal issues, leave personal issues at home because it may lead others to believe that you are disorganized and irresponsible. It’s highly advisable to avoid such conversations throughout your employment.

8) Email a Thank you – always remember to send a thank you email to those people that have helped you throughout the day. It’s similar in manner as the follow up email were after an interview you thank the employer for taking their time out. In my opinion it’s very impressive to send a personal thank you message to each person and show your appreciation because only few employees take the time to thank people who assisted them.

Eventually as time passes by you will attain more experience and possess more knowledge about the company’s goals and working ethics. So be confident, make the right impression and take that first step towards your building career with a positive attitude.


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